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UX Designer & Webflow Developer


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Working at ServiceRocket

ServiceRocket spa

ServiceRocket is a global company that offers technological solutions and consulting, with a strong emphasis on "Managed Services." This modern term it's like outsourcing, where companies delegate critical functions to an external provider. While this approach can improve efficiency and reduce costs, it also introduces challenges in terms of dependency and control over processes.

During my time at ServiceRocket, I played a key role as a UX designer and Webflow Developer, actively participating in creating, maintaining, and improving the company's web experiences.

I worked in an agile environment under sprints and using OKRs methodology on a quarterly basis to set clear and achievable goals. This approach allowed us to align the team's efforts around common goals and effectively measure progress.

Collaborative design & methodology

My main responsibility was to understand, design, prototype, and develop web experiences using Miro, Figma and Webflow.
This collaborative process involved various parts of the company, including product marketing managers, product owners, content writers, designers, and marketing specialists. With a focused vision, we were able to design the web experience in several stages.

I had a great time at ServiceRocket. I led some cool projects in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. We created detailed prototypes, brought them to life with webflow, and used data to make sure everything worked great. This experience showed me how important it is to work together and use the right tools to make web projects successful.

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