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Visual Identity + Brand Awareness + UX Design


ilustración, aparece un usuario descargando curriculums desde una nube y analítica de un candidato ©Leandro Fuenzalida
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Designer at ArchDaily

ArchDaily Spa

ArchDaily is a Media Company with 100% of its content targeted to architects, urban planners and designers. According with Semrush and their slogan proclame to be the "most visited architecture website in the world."

In addition to its headquarters in Chile, ArchDaily has offices in Mexico, the United States and China, producing content in the native language for each audience.

I held the position of "Hype Designer" at ArchDaily, reporting directly to the CEO. In this role, I was responsible for managing and executing all aspects of visual identity, including mailing design, ad management, and participated on UX/UI innitatives.

ilustración, aparece un usuario descargando curriculums desde una nube y analítica de un candidato ©Leandro Fuenzalida

Key Visual Samples, Feature Images, Isometric Illustrations

New Search

In 2018, we applied for a government funding project (CORFO) to implement machine learning on the vast repository of published images. Together with ArchDaily's development and product teams, we embarked on a challenging but rewarding project: optimizing the user search experience on the platform to recommend better results and products to the architects.

Search Results

View of the Search Results before improvements

Stakeholders asked me to redesign a new search results experience based on intelligence that would recognize the images, add tags to each one, and enrich the search results. To do this, I gathered feedback from the content team and presented a new search results view with filters and 8 out of 10 of Jakob Nielsen's heuristic laws. To this day, these search results are implemented, obviously with many improvements over what was presented at that time.

Search Results

View of the improved Search Results

My time at ArchDaily was a breeding ground for experimentation and fresh perspectives. The company's emphasis on creativity and innovation empowered me to approach design from diverse angles and continuously push my boundaries. I firmly believe that this nurturing environment was instrumental in my professional growth and allowed me to cultivate my unique creative voice. This was evident in my involvement in the Obra del Año events, designing 3D environments for virtual reality, and collaborating with brands like Moleskine and Converse
Below is a modal we implemented to encourage user registration on the ArchDaily Brasil website.

SVG Animation, part of an Experiment for the Sign-In modals