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ilustración, aparece un usuario descargando curriculums desde una nube y analítica de un candidato ©Leandro Fuenzalida
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Backtrack Academy

Backtrack Academy spa

Backtrack Academy, a Chilean startup specializing in ethical hacking education with over 50,000 users, hired me as a product designer to optimize the user experience and increase engagement on their platform.

One of the objectives was to track one of their key KPIs, "hours of video watched by students," to improve the user experience and boost platform interaction.

To achieve this, we conducted interviews with top-performing students and instructors, analyzed usage metrics, and designed prototypes for improvements. We then evaluated these prototypes with real users, applied the learnings, and ultimately implemented the enhancements on the platform.

The new Student's Dashboard

The Results

The implemented improvements yielded exceptional results:
• A 15% month-over-month increase in video views
• A 10% increase in course completion rates.

Landing View for Enterprises

Backtrack Enterprises + Visual Identity

We tested a hypothesis proposed by BTA's founder: "renewing the visual identity" to get closer to the target audience and thus generate more user sign-ups on the platform at a lower CAC.

To test this, we created a new logo and a new identity based on the same typeface family but with a different composition and a small CSS animation that emulates a terminal console, as well as digital content for social media.

Backtrack Academy logo

During that year, we developed a comprehensive vulnerability scanner for enterprises. This tool allows for the proactive detection and mitigation of potential threats, ensuring the security and smooth operation of their systems.

Vulnerability scanner view